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This Constant State of Nostalgia.
Posted at 2:23 pm on a Thursday

Every Now and Then
“Every now and then I would feel a violent stab of loneliness. The very water I drank, the very air I breathed, would feel like long, sharp needles. The pages of a book in my hands would take on the threatening metallic gleam of razor blades. I could hear the roots of loneliness creeping through me when the world was hushed at four o’clock in the morning.”
—Haruki Murakami, The Wind-up Bird Chronicle
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how to get the perfect lips ^-^ amazing tips, i love them
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Being internet smart is like the 21st century version of being street smart. 

Okay Dad, these are the websites you use to watch your show. 

Sockshare, Putlocker, gorillavid, nosvideo and novamov are your friends, stick to them and you know you’re okay.

DO NOT click on anything that wants you to download updates or DivX. 

DO NOT click on adverts on the side. 

And be very cautious of fake play buttons. 

You are ready. Go forth and watch Dexter. 

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Posted at 2:20 pm on a Thursday

Important lesson: You cannot lead effectively if you do not share the same burden as your followers.
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This Is How Koalas Run

thank you


A wise man once said, “A wise man once said.”

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Map of the World by Natural Skin Color

i’m really dumbfounded that i never realized skin colour is literally just caused by being closer to or farther from the equator and the resulting sun exposure and skin darkening

actually, its an adaptation. natural selection. people with darker skin are selected for in areas near the equator, where the melanin that causes the darker color protects them from radiation and protects them from skin cancer and other health defects, and because they are healthier they can pass on that trait more. people near the poles have lighter skin because it allows them absorb more of the limited sunlight to convert to vitamin d. 

THIS IS THE THING SOME PEOPLE HATE OTHER PEOPLE OVER.Evolution of melanin levels based on geographical location.


Scooby Doo is the most useless member of the scooby doo team why is the show named after him, the show should be called Velma

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yeah…im tough….i’ve got some scars…..*shows u my belly button* this one i got from being in the womb for 9 months….had to remove my umbilical cord…rough times but im still standing…

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lately i’ve been so annoyed by just everyone like i kinda just realized everyone is so fucking annoying ya know

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